If you would like some more information about Danmat AB. please contact:
Peter Svensson
Energy & Environmental consultant. Owner and in charge of the company.
Christina Svensson
Administrator. Works with everything that Peter doesn’t do such as billing,
purchasing, archiving and post handling.
David Gårsjö
David Gårsjö will be employed by us from the 1st of april 2018.
David has worked at Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency for 13 years where he has
worked mainly with combustible gas. At Danmat he will be working with consulting
assignment in the bio gas industry and supervisor training.
We will be opening an office in Örebro where David will be stationed.
David Gårsjö´s CV
Herdevägen 28
247 51 DALBY
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E-post: info@danmat.se