The regulations

To ignite an explosive atmosphere (a mixture of gas and air, normally between 5-15 % of methane in air) only a small energy source is required. A spark from a breaker to a normal light bulb is in most cases enough. All equipment used in a gas plant, electrical and/or mechanical shall therefore be recognised as potential sources of ignition. Even static electricity arising by movement and friction by persons or machines can cause sparks with enough energy to ignite an explosive gas mixture. Routines when working on a gas plant shall therefore be studied thoroughly and be adapted to the individual plant and the situations that can occur.

To eliminate the risks European authorities has embraced the treatment and utilization of gas with regulations. As a member of the EU all actors working with gas in Sweden has to follow these regulations. Sweden as well as all countries in the EU has adapted their regulations to the commons which regulates eg. what components are allowed to be used and how they may be used in zones where explosive atmospheres can occur. To avoid accidents a great responsibility always rests upon the owner of the plants where gas is used.

DANMAT AB and collaborating companies have detailed knowledge of both the latest technology and the applicable regulations and can therefore assist clients by guiding them through all the situations occurring during the process from idea to a turn key delivery. It is also possible to guide present plant owners through the jungle of regulations and thereby either confirm that their plants are, or how they can become, safe installations fulfilling the demands of the authorities.